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Unilever Kazakhstan

Тамаша жүргізу өнімділігіБіздің мақсатқа деген бағытталушылығымызбен,Болашақ бизнесі

Дүкеннің алдында арбада бір әйел отыр. Ол азық-түліктерін сатып алуда
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Hello, we are Unilever. We have over 400 brands across 190 countries and are using our scale for good.


Hello, we are Unilever.

Illustrations of onshore wind turbines in action and a collage of illustrated Unilever products.

400+ brand in 190 countries.

A collage of illustrated Unilever products and a man on a Wall’s-branded bicycle.

We are using our scale for good.

Illustration of two people squeezing Dove shampoo onto their heads.